About Wyatt’s Torch

The world is preparing to move through a period of rapid evolution in the way social systems (governments, finance, justice etc.) operate and are managed.  In other words, a “governance revolution” equivalent in scale to the agricultural or industrial revolutions has begun and will positively reshape how the world works in the future.

Powerful forces driving the governance revolution include:

  • The emergence of distributed computing technology (blockchain) that will provide viable governance alternatives;
  • Massive money losing characteristics of public institutions (government debt);
  • Public institutions that often produce the opposite of their stated goals – i.e. a welfare system that ingrains poverty and an education system focused on indoctrination and non-thinking;
  • Quasi private cartels such as the financial industry that stack the deck in favor of a politically well connected super-class.

My hope is that the governance revolution will wipe away failing institutions and replace them with fair and effective alternatives that reflect the wishes of those they serve.  Distributed governance systems will act as an equalizer and as an obstacle to the harvesting of other peoples productivity by the politically well-connected.

Supposing the theory is substantially true, the question in my mind is, what strategies should an individual implement in order to survive a potentially tumultuous transition and prosper in the post governance revolution new order?

I will seek to find and provide data, primarily via video and audio clips that do three things:

  • Demonstrate that current governance systems are failing,
  • Show how distributed governance (blockchain) models provide a better alternative,
  • Discuss strategies to navigate the transition to a new governance paradigm.

Who might benefit from visiting Wyatt’s Torch?

Wyatt’s Torch (WT) is for people who believe a financial/social reset will occur due in part to soaring debt levels in western countries.  Wyatt’s Torch serves people who want to discover new ideas on this topic in substantially less time than they could on their own. 

If you have ideas or evidence that might help contact me.

Javelin Capital LLC dba The Blockchain Scout

I am a theme driven investor seeking opportunities to work with startups in the blockchain/cryptocurrency automated finance or automated governance space.

I am seeking opportunities to participate in new ventures as an equity investor. Javelin Capital LLC is the personal investment vehicle formed to facilitate these investments. (Note – There are a couple firms with the same or similar name. I am not associated with the other firms which share the name. ) Currently I am fully invested.