Two Reasons the Stock Market is Still Overvalued

March 20, 2020 rockymtndan 0

Mike Maloney does a great job of explaining why the currency creation that took place since the late 1960’s has distorted financial assets including the stock market. Stocks have a long way to fall before they become fairly valued. They are very unlikely to return to bubble prices seen in the 2010’s anytime soon.

$9 Trillion Missing

November 14, 2019 rockymtndan 0

Unbelievable video from 2010 where the Inspector General is asked where the $9 trillion is. She runs around in circles and acts confused to avoid answering the question.

Fiat Currencies

October 10, 2019 rockymtndan 0

Many people across the globe have lost faith in government currencies and seek to reestablish individual sovereignty over their wealth, through scarce money alternatives. Here is the one page history of the colossal fiat currency failure.