Real Oppression

June 8, 2020 rockymtndan 0

The riots and protests occurring across the U.S. in response to the brutal killing of George Floyd have put forth the idea that the U.S. […]

You Are Here

October 9, 2019 rockymtndan 0

This article posits that understanding current macro and micro trends is imperative when evaluating assets and developing life plans. Knowing one’s place within a trend and its cycle is critical to making informed decisions.

The future of men and marriage is bleak

June 20, 2019 rockymtndan 0

With Father’s Day upon us, the time has come to address as a nation what Heather Mac Donald noted earlier this year is “the greatest social catastrophe of our time”: fatherlessness. Fatherlessness is the No. 1 cause of nearly all social ills we face. We can’t afford to ignore it any longer.