Real Oppression

The riots and protests occurring across the U.S. in response to the brutal killing of George Floyd have put forth the idea that the U.S. system is oppressive, riddled with unearned privilege and inequality. I agree completely with that analysis. What I don’t agree with is the narrative describing the source and nature of the oppression.

The protesters put forth the idea that the oppression stems from the unearned privilege and racism of white people. This narrative is untrue, intentionally divisive, and highly damaging. The explanation draws attention away from the real sources of inequality and unearned privilege which I identify as a connection to the political/currency creation class. Here are a couple examples of massive inequality and unearned privilege:

  • A corporation (The Federal Reserve) creates trillions of dollars to bail out politically connected allies and manage the economy. Is it really so hard to find the true source of wealth inequality? This monopoly is the most sacred of them all. Anyone who offends the currency creators will meet with police action. Just ask George Floyd who died for passing a fake $20.
  • A justice net that lets all of the big fish criminals go but ensnares large numbers of little fish for incomprehensibly minor crimes. Are any of the people who lied their way into the Iraq war in jail? If you are a normal person and you engage in puffery concerning the effectiveness of your diet book (Kevin Trudeau) you will do hard time. God help you if you report on actual crimes in the government (Julian Assange, Ed Snowden) or at Planned Parenthood. Whats more, the tactics used to put the innocent in jail are brutal (General Flynn).
  • Even low ranking government officials hold extraordinary power when compared to the influence of a normal citizen. Officials as low as a police officer can have the power of life and death over normal citizens. Imagine the power differential between a mid level FBI/IRS official or Senator and the average citizen. The difference is staggering.

Those pushing the current narrative would have us believe that the oppression we all feel stems from racial inequality. This story is intended to divide and control us. When we correctly understand that normal working and poor people have more in common with each other (despite racial and national differences) than they do with their leaders in the political/currency creation class, we will have correctly identified the true nature of the oppression.

As a result, I stay away from the protests because participating divides us, hurts normal people (ask the people who had their businesses ransacked), validates a false narrative (the narrative itself is racist), and distracts attention away from the true source of oppression.

Narrative detonated

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