Choking on Coercion

People seem to be asking questions about social systems and generally sense that something has gone wrong but have trouble identifying the true source of the chaos.

All government systems are to one degree or another coercive. If you do not comply with the dictates of government officials you will meet with police action. If you resist the actions of the police, violence against you will escalate until you comply or die. Police action is not limited to what most people consider to be criminal activity. If a farmer offers to sell unpasteurized milk, the farm may be raided by a SWAT team (this happened) or if you overstate the weight loss potential of your diet plan, you may go to jail (Kevin Trudeau – 10 years).

About 400 people per year die as the result of police action. 600,000 people per year go to prison but people enter jails 10.6 million times per year (some people go more than once). Finding yourself on the wrong side of a coercive system is no laughing matter.

Currently, protests over the wrongful death of George Floyd are ripping the country apart. Although the situation is complex, Mr. Floyd, at least in part, died because he violated the most sacrosanct of rules – Thou shalt not create currency.

Most people, including the protesters, refuse to acknowledge this truth. The face of the state is coercive police action. When you have a coercive system, people will as a matter of course, die and go to jail. Ironically, people seem to remain confused about this. They argue for more central planning, more redistribution and more laws which will require even more coercive police action at the same time that they propose defunding the police. These positions make no sense when put together. Putting the laws that the socialist protesters want into effect will require more stringent enforcement and therefore, many more people who end up like George Floyd.

I hear very few people discussing or acknowledging the proposed inherent contradiction. Voting for and enacting more coercive laws will increase violence and the number of people who die as a result of police action. Reducing the number of people who die at the end of a policeman’s gun requires reducing the number of coercive laws. The two things are linked. We, as a society, are literally choking on coercion.

When people finally realize that most of the violence and criminality in society actually grow out of the centralized and coercive nature of the state we will be off and running towards a better future. Instead of protesting horizontally against our peers in different racial, religious and national groups, we will redirect the protest towards the centralized exploiters in the political and currency creation class.

Main Point – The policies protesters are proposing represent an expansion of coercive activity and will result in more deadly action, not less.

Note – People have, can and will organize in peaceful, cooperative and non-coercive ways. Thousands of special economic zones, free zones and start-up societies now exist in the world (Honduras Prospera). When coupled with the internet as the worlds largest free zone, I see a fantastic and freer future taking shape and can’t wait to be part of it. The age of nation states and companies is coming to an end.

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