One Ring to Rule Them All (Part 2)

In J.R.R. Tolken’s The Lord of the Rings, the “One Ring” was an artifact of awesome power capable of dominating all other “Rings of Power.”  Currency creation might be the real world manifestation of the “One Ring.” Whoever holds the power to create currency dominates all  other societal power centers, such as politics, finance, the economy, media, entertainment and academia, to name just a few. As a result, national systems and societies adapt to reflect the currency creator’s position as the effective center of gravity.

Freedom advocates such as Libertarians oppose the dominant role currency creators play in shaping politics and society.  To date, however, their efforts at reforming the system have largely played out within the political landscape, and to no avail.  Consider the impact of the Libertarian party since their founding in the early 1970’s, for example. A primary goal was to reduce the size and power of government; but the exact opposite has occurred.  It would seem that the existing power structures are immune to attack via the political process.

Individuals seeking to move society towards freedom must consider alternatives to political action.  The enemies of freedom love it when freedom advocates engage them on the political battlefield, as the political battlefield favors currency creators.   As an alternative, freedom advocates must explore strategies focused on disrupting the systems which enable and fuel entrenched power. As compared to the nearly impervious political system, for example, the monetary system is susceptible to disruption via peaceful competition (–i.e., Bitcoin).  When enough people refuse to participate in the currency creation scheme, it will be like throwing the One Ring back into the pit of Mount Doom.  The result will be a reordering of the power systems to the benefit of individuals. 

 Change Money, Change Everything. 


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