Gradually, Then Suddenly series by Parker Lewis

A fantastic primer series on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is Not for Criminals – Explains the logical inconsistency of critics who say “Bitcoin is for criminals.” The article explains why the censorship resistance is the critical property. Bitcoin can’t be a little bit censorship resistant. It either is or it isn’t.

Bitcoin Cannot be Banned – Banning Bitcoin would be great advertising for Bitcoin. Such action would highlight the principal value proposition of Bitcoin, accelerate adoption and help to immunize the network.

Bitcoin is Not a Pyramid Scheme – Pyramid schemes offer “products” with little or no value and which are supplied in excess of demand. Bitcoin is strictly scarce, solves real problems inherent in modern currency and demand for Bitcoin has demonstrably exceeded supply.

Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing – Bitcoin is backed its monetary properties (Medium of exchange, Unit of account, Store of value, fungible, durable, divisible, portable).

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