Andreas Antonopoulos – The Death of Money

Video Timeline:

7 min 20 sec- A central banking crisis

12m 45s – No government can resist printing money

15m 20s – What is the situation in Greec (Jan 2017)

16m 54s – What is Bitcoin?

19m – Bitcoin does not recognize borders

21m – What kind of government is afraid of Bitcoin

25m – Bitcoin is immune to geopolitics

26m 5s – Bitcoin is intended to break monopolies

28m – Bitcoin is a better payment system

29mm – Will your mom ever use Bitcoin?

31m 15s – Banking is corrupt

35m 50s – Two ways to express power (Important)

37m – Systemic corruption

40m 30s – Inflation is really low! Really? (No it is not)

42m – Another description of Bitcoin

43m 50s – The technology is evolving


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